The Veteran Population Demographic Data Regional Graphs provide preliminary insights into the race/ethnicity, age and era of service of Veterans in the United States and its territories. This information in conjunction with other demographic intelligence (i.e., environmental exposures, training, combat and non combat deployments  and job/MOS, etc.) is integral to the ability of WCHF to help them overcome the health and healthcare challenges that many face when they return home.
SNIP-HHSRegions(Service Period).JPG
SNIP-HHSRegions(Age Group).JPG
DATA BY REGION (Veteran Population Demographic Data Regional Map) 
This mapping tool provides two components, the regional view and in some instances, the state view. The inclusion of additional aggregated data facilitates the identification of differences between sub-groups (e.g., racial and ethnic populations).
This is a crucial step in understanding health disparity, informing policy decisions, and targeting populations and geographic areas for effective interventions. To gain some insight into the Veterans in your area, click on the number representing the region of interest.
When clicking on a specific region,  graphs specific to those regions will appear.