Located in Columbia, Maryland, Howard County, the mission of Premier Health Express is to provide patients with access to quality, affordable care for both, acute illnesses and injuries as well as chronic disease management that is conveniently accessible to all our community including our insured and uninsured veteran population. 


With support from the Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation, their goal is to ensure "white-glove healthcare services" for our veterans and their families on a walk-in, referral, or telemedicine basis. 
By partnering with American Adversity Group, JustLiving Advocacy and Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation, Premier Health Express has broader outreach into the underserved communities - in addition to ensuring quality health care services to our veterans in the local, rural and urban areas of Maryland.  

The American Diversity Group is organized to bring together the diverse group of people to build and sustain healthy community and enriched lives. Their goal is to serve individuals and American families to improve the health and well-being of those we serve.


They strive to be the leading organization to provide the best care to everyone through integrated medical practice, education and awareness. They are the partner of choice as they transform healthcare educational services for the community.


Their focus is on improving health care access to underserved individuals by providing them with proper healthcare related education. They are dedicated to the sole purpose of empowering communities to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.  


Their vision is to sustain a leading institution of diverse American communities for the promotion of harmony, well-being and enrichment of community members.


Dr. Walker ProView features TV, Radio, Paper & Online Magazine, and a Business Network which meets several times a year.  


Its syndicated TV and Radio Broadcast, Paper and Online Magazine, and a Business Network of some of the most quality businesses and services serving the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.


Warrior Centric Health (WCH) is a for-profit corporation that addresses the national challenge of providing health care to veterans and their families that fits their special needs, including the invisible scars inflicted by their hostile workplace.  They do this not by creating a new or cumbersome system of care, which would be unsustainable, but by working within the current U.S. health care environment.


The vast majority of vets already turn to civilian medical systems for care, yet remain invisible—civilian systems neither screen for them nor know how to treat their special needs. WCH provides these establishments the tools to identify, attract and treat vets and their families profitably, thus both enabling and encouraging the players in the current system to meet this challenge. They provide a credentialing program, Warrior Centric Health Foundations in Veteran Population Health, the only accredited veteran-focused CME/CE program.

Ergo Solutions is an innovative, full-service company that specializes in rehabilitative management and consulting services in the Washington, DC area. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of therapy to every patient they serve and at every level of care.


Their first goal is to perform a professional and thorough evaluation of the patient's injury or disability. They then work as a team to ensure the development of an accurate and beneficial plan of treatment. As the largest rehabilitative outsourcing group in Washington, DC, they expand the potential of rehab everywhere we go. Ergo Solutions is owned and operated by therapists with diverse knowledge of the rehabilitation field.


Through their disciplines of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology, they are committed to providing high quality services with strict adherence to regulatory requirements.


GoWin Media, LLC is an online, multimedia company that targets urban consumers from baby boomers to millennials.


They currently own and operate two (2) broadcast stations GoGoRadio LIVE & WINDCRadio, their studios are located in Temple Hills, MD. GoGoRadio LIVE is the #1 source digital hub for GoGo music.


WINDCRadio is the indie entrepreneurial station that provides local, national and international talent an outlet to promote and celebrate its accomplishments.  


Their online platform serves our communities via entertainment, information, social content, news and more.

ServingTogether - Affiliated with AmericaServes is a coordinated network of public, private and nonprofit organizations serving veterans, service members and their families in the Washington DC area.


ServingTogether uses technology and its partner network to guide veterans, service members and their families to the most appropriate services and resources available.  They serve Active duty, National Guard, Reserve Service members as well as Veterans and their families who reside in the Washington DC area are eligible for support from the network.


They aim to support all individuals who have worn the uniforms of our military – regardless of age, era, branch or discharge status. Their network continues to work collectively to improve the coordination and direct service delivery to our military and veteran families.


The An intelligent health platform that helps people find and use trusted health information.  


They transform information overload into information precision, delivering only trusted and individually relevant information.

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Assisted Living Locators is located in the Annapolis, MD area.  


Their Care Advisors are in the community and work closely with clients to guide them through the process from beginning to end—answering their questions and addressing their concerns, helping them feel confident and comfortable with your decisions.

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