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Chief Szejniuk (Nate) retired from the US Navy in 1996 after nearly 21 years of honorable service in US Navy medicine.  Nearly half of his career was spent in general operational healthcare including serving as the team administrative and training manager for one of the Navy’s Medical Mobilization Augmentation Readiness Teams (MMART). The other half was spent in operational public health, occupational health and industrial hygiene program operations management.  


Several of the programs managed by Chief Szejniuk included the Pediatric Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Fleet Liaison Program (managing > 1,000 clinical appoints / month), Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Program during Desert Shield Operations and other occupational health and safety programs designed to tract various public / environmental health and industrial health concerns. At each stage of his career he continued to hone and refine his data management and research skills and they have served him well in his post-military life. In particular, his data management and research skills have been especially helpful in providing evidence to support the  WCHF Mission, Vision and Strategy.  

After retiring from the navy Nate attended East Carolina University receiving a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences with a Public Health Focus.  While a student, he was inducted to the Environmental Health Honor Society, Epsilon Nu Eta.  

Since retiring, Nate has served in many roles. The highlights include serving as a first Disaster Management Coordinator for the University of North Carolina Healthcare System’s Level I Trauma Center, serving as part of the Hospital Incident Command System version 4 (HICS-IV) National Working Group and his current role as the Data Sciences and Research Services Manager for Warrior Centric Health, Inc. He also serves as the WCHF Support Services Manager, Scout Jamboree volunteer medical logistics manager and is a participate in the VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP) genetics research search project. 

Nate is married to the former Ms. Betty Payne, also US Navy retired, of Panama City Florida.  Her father was a WWII Submariner who served before, during and after WWII.  They have two children and two grandchildren. 

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