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Healthcare Education

and Training

Contributing to our healthcare education and training initiatives will directly impact healthcare providers, allied healthcare professionals and veterans themselves.

The WCH Foundation has partnered with Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare (AKH, Inc), BlueSky eLearning, and Warrior Centric Health to provide veteran centric and cultural competency training to enhance their knowledge and understanding of veteran culture and its impact on healthcare delivery and health outcomes of veterans and their families.

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Community Health and Wellness Engagement Events

Contributing to community engagement facilitate the sponsorship of projects and events to cultivate awareness and understanding of the unique healthcare needs of veteran and their families.

The WCH Foundation strives to empower veterans and communities to become part of the solution and work to educate others in their communities.  Your donation would fund free healthcare screenings, flu shots, medical appointments or a speaker(s) for a community health and wellness forum.

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  Community health / Wellness events and Town hall Forums

Contributing to healthcare awareness and education forums and events that facilitate the evolution of people in the community and their leaders from supporters to savvy advocates for the healthcare needs of veterans and their families. Civilian healthcare facilities, when asked, are not aware that veterans are being served in their clinics, hospitals and medical centers.

Your donation will help break through this misconception and others regarding the health and healthcare needs of veterans and their families raising the bar for both the community and healthcare facilities.

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