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Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation (WCHF) 

and the  Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium (VMNC)


WCHF – VMNC Strategy

The WCHF and Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium (VMNC)  serves as the “Veteran facing” primary hub of coordination and collaboration. This is achieved via two pathways:

1) Clinical - through WCHF clinic partners, providers, allied healthcare professionals and social support personnel 
2) Non-clinical – through WCHF VMNC members / partners (i.e., community centers and their leaders, clergy, faith-based organizations, employers, public health agencies, veteran centric businesses, food banks, schools, etc.). 

With WCHF, Veterans and their families as the essential core element within the neighborhood, the health needs of the individual (Veteran), aspects of the population (their families) and overall community (where they live, work, play, and pray), the opportunity to optimize health and wellness diminish disparities and social determinants is increased significantly.


WCHF and its Consortium Partners envision communities that possess the knowledge and capacity to not only identify and address service-related challenges, but to embrace, support, and empower the warriors and families who experience them. Therefore, the WCHF – VMNC approaches its strategic process with passion and purpose to ensure we:

  • Amplify the Veteran community voice in the battle for health and wellness

  • Advocate for equitable healthcare for Veterans and their families

  • Gather, assemble and disseminate credible information and available resources regarding Veterans’ health, healthcare and wellness to Veterans, their families and the communities in which they live

  • Develop and disseminate free education and training for healthcare professionals that address the health and wellness of Veterans and their families

  • Continuously refine the Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium™ model to safeguard the mission.

Soldier and Family Reunion
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