Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation (WCHF) is a non-profit 501c3 charitable entity 
established in 2013 by military veterans with expertise in healthcare, for the express purpose of addressing systemic inequities regarding access to and quality of care for veterans and their families. 

Having committed their lives to our country, Veterans leave military service with a host of potentially debilitating health conditions—not just PTSD and traumatic brain injury, but autoimmune disorders, hearing loss, lung disorders, chemical exposure related heart problems, musculoskeletal injuries, and a host of other potential problems many that remain unknown for years after discharge or retirement.

Then they enter the veterans’ and/or civilian healthcare system where many of the providers, allied healthcare professionals and support services personnel are largely unprepared to diagnose, treat and manage their service-related health issues. 

The numbers of veterans and their families in in need of help are substantial:

21.3 million discharged Americans warriors

are either currently suffering multiple chronic conditions
brought on by the conditions of their military service or are at risk.

54 million familiy members are also affected.
75 million total number of those needing some form of specialized care.

These 75 million Americans represent about 25%
of the entire U.S. population  in need of some form of specialized or unique care.

Our Mission

For those reasons the Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation was established.
Now more than ever and for many reasons, Americans are less connected to their military community. And, veterans who come home feel and internalize that disconnect… some even say they feel anonymous.  Because of this, America is failing to deliver on its promise…
”To care for those who shall have borne the battle."

Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation is committed to help and to give back to the men, women and families who serve our nation – whether in uniform or not, at home or abroad, and in times of turmoil or peace. 

Making good America’s promise…your promise… to ensure they get the quality healthcare is a way to operationalize “Thank You for Your Service”. 

Our Vision

WCHF envisions a world in which ALL veterans and their families live healthy and well lives undiminished by their service related health concerns.

WCHF approaches its vision with passion and purpose to ensure we:

  • Amplify the veteran community voice in the battle for health and wellness

  • Advocate for equitable healthcare for veterans and their families

  • Gather and disseminate knowledge regarding veterans’ health, healthcare and wellness to veterans, their families and the communities in which they live

  • Develop and disseminate free education and training to healthcare professionals that address the health and wellness of veterans’ and their families

  • Continuously refine the Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium™ model to safeguard the mission.

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